Instructor Cenoura


Originally from Mapua, New Zealand. Capoeira found me in 2001 where I began my training with Mestre Mindinho in San Diego California. After 2 years I traveled to Brazil to fully immerse myself in the culture, language and this beautiful martial art. I lived in Niteroi near Rio de Janeiro and studied under Mestre Paulino Sabia, one of the founders of Group Capoeira Brasil. Since then I have remained under the guidance of Mestre Mindinho helping him expand his school in California and participating in events around the world. In 2005 I started my teaching here in Nelson, NZ and held my first international event in 2006 bringing Mestre Mindinho and other teachers from around the world. Since then, I have trained and taught Capoeira throughout New Zealand, Venezuela, Brazil, Canada and the United States. In 2017, I received my Green Cord obtaining the title of Instructor and now return home to open a school of my own with the support of Mestre Mindinho and the entire Group Capoeira Brasil.

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