All levels welcome. Please show up 10 minutes early. Wear your abada (uniform) or appropriate attire. Bring a water bottle and great energy!! Private classes are available, please contact Instructor Cenoura directly.

Unlimited Memberships
$100 — Monthly Unlimited

Drop-in Classes $10 — Single Class
$45 — 5 Class Package
$85 — 10 Class Package


Trafalgar Hall
67 Trafalgar St.

Mondays & Wednesdays
5pm – 6:30pm


Situated alongside the beautiful Maitai river, just across from the Nelson Isite centre. Here class will incorporate cardio intervals between technical training, stretching and music. This large space allows for free flowing movements, from kicks to acrobatics. All aspects of Capoeira will be taught, from the roots of Angola, the tight technical game of Bangela, to the fast pace style of Regional.


Wellness Movement Studios
121 Trafalgar St.

Wednesdays & Fridays
7:30pm – 9pm


Nestled in downtown Nelson at the beautiful Wellness Movements Studios. This class will focus on the methodology of the “Roda,” it’s structure and music, plus the refinement of your movements to play in close quarters as well as the flow of movements with your opponent. All classes will have a warm up, technical and acrobatical training as well as stretching and a cool down.